The Farrell Aesthetic


The Winning Formula

Modern. Transitional. Traditional. Home.

For over 20 years, Farrell has created an unparalleled network of loyal employees and talented tradesman. There is a synergy that is felt in every aspect of a Farrell Home. From the details in the planning to the intensity of the execution, Farrell recognizes that each and every house is a home. Farrell can design from the beginning, build to suit, or adapt and tweak designs at the end. The Farrell team makes it happen, and no vision is impossible to bring to life.

The Signature Home

What is a “Farrell House”? Each home comes with Farrell’s high quality of standards, exclusive designs and is executed by tradesmen that understand the level of excellence needed in a Farrell home. Each home is designed with a theme. From the bathroom to the backyard, everything inside and out is aligned with that theme.

Individual elements of a Farrell House are spoken about and are often emulated because they are planned, executed and finished to the highest standard. This approach and our centralized buying allows the client to benefit from our efficiencies.

With function and sophistication as equals, we design every home as though we would live in it ourselves. Joe Farrell has said, “if it’s not open they can’t see it.” So for over 20 years Farrell Signature Spec homes have been open for anyone to walk through.

The Custom Home

In the Custom Home process, the client’s taste dictates the personality of the home. Whether the plan is a modern structure or a classic farmhouse, designed by Farrell’s in-house architectural staff or an outside firm, the same standards apply. The Farrell library of plans and the unique opportunity to walk through an existing Farrell House is often the greatest selling point. With over 400 homeowners in the Farrell Family, many of them repeat customers, there is no shortage of referrals.

Build to Suit

Customization to Meet Your Standards

Searching for the perfect plot can be frustrating and time consuming. We have taken the time to explore the area for properties that meet the Farrell standards in location and value. The hours spent on the permitting process are ours. The Farrell Build to Suit program allows for complete customization on our land, taking advantage of our pre-selected and pre-drawn designs while allowing for small changes to the design along the way. When you arrive in need of a home for next summer we are ready to put the shovel in the ground the next day…and we do.