A Bolder and Clearer look for FarrellBuilding.com

When we built our website over 10 years ago, things were a bit different here at Farrell Building Co. For starters, we didn’t have number of employees or customers that we have today. As we continue our growth-spurt, we also continue to learn at a fast clip. One of the important insights we’ve gained over the years is the constant need to enhance and customize the ways that we engage our different audiences. With the new website, you’ll be able to search among our many available properties, whether it’s a Build to Suit opportunity or a Spec home.
We’re also empowering you – our broker community – with a new approach to selling Farrell homes. The Broker Portal is your access to everything related to Farrell listings. From floor plans to flawless, hi-res photos and videos, this new portal aims to give you the resources you need to close the deal.
The new Farrell Building Co. broker portal is password protected so please fill this form out for access to the broker portal.